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A brand new culinary experience using robotics and AI

Meet Robodelice

Modular Design

One platform, many possibilities! Our unique robotic approach allows us to easily and cheaply scale to multiple food categories, toppings and maximize output.

AI Powered

Multiple sensors, cameras, and onboard computing ensure continuous operation, adapt to various environmental conditions, optimize to the demand.

Easily Clean & Refill

The intuitive design of the robot makes it easy to clean and refill the ingredients. Empty food containers can quickly be replaced with filled ones. 


Our Kiosk Management Application provides a full suite of provisioning, diagnostics, and analytics tools to manage and operate the robot remotely.

Compact and Autonomous robotic food kiosk
Thousands of possible locations...


Events and Stadiums

University & office canteens


Airports & Rail stations

hotel (2)

Hotel Lounges & malls

food-truck (1)

Food on the move

We Do it differently

Consistent & Quality food

Indulge in the taste and experience never seen before. The robot uses artisanal techniques from popular chefs to prepare delicious meals.

State of the Art Robotics

RoboDélice systems consist of a full suite of cooking appliances, cabinetry, sensors, computing, and state-of-the-art robotics in a compact design.

Mesmerizing & Spectacular

With our smooth and reactive robot trajectories, meals are prepared faster and with a flair. Always fascinating and entertaining!

Continuous monitoring

To provide the finest food experience, we developed AI systems for tracking cooking stages, anomaly detection, and hygiene monitoring. 


Ultimate customization options

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Our Team

Anshul Paigwar

Founder - CTO

Anshul holds a Master’s degree in Robotics and Computer Vision. He has more than three years of experience as a research engineer at Inria, developing algorithms for robotic platforms. Anshul has co-authored many research papers at top international conferences.

Yoann Allardin


Yoann holds a MSc in Management from EM Lyon. He has co-founded 3 start-ups in the aerospace and e-learning sectors and teaches in multiple universities and companies.

Didier Lasserre


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering & Business Unit Manager. He has more than 20 yrs of experience working on automation projects in the industry. He previously Founded DistriPizza and sold more than 100 Pizza vending machines.

Samel Heidmann

Chief Engineering

Instrumentation engineer from Phelma Grenoble and PhD from EEATS Grenoble. More than 8 years of experience in designing various experimental setups and prototype creation. DIY Maker in the meanwhile.

Scientific Advisors

Christian Laugier

Research Director Inria

James Crowley

Research Director Inria

How We
Started Delice?

As a student, it is always difficult to manage studies and find time for cooking. There are very few options for low-cost, healthy, 24 x 7 available food. Having no alternatives, many students and workers resort to eating junk food. We faced the same inconvenience and the idea of developing a robotic chef really sparked from there.

Our struggles continued beyond university days, our workplaces were on the outskirts, far from the good restaurants of the city center. Be it the early morning flight at the airport or late-night after a pub crawl lack of fresh quality food has always bothered us.

We gathered a team of like-minded people: techies, foodies, and those passionate to change the world. With a goal to make quality food more available and accessible for everyone, Delice Robotics was born!


Inria’s mission is to develop research and exploitation of information and communication sciences and techniques, both nationally and internationally. 


The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne is a hotel management school in Switzerland, regularly ranked first among the best hotel schools in the world.


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